Is it Ice Cream or not?

In celebration of June is Dairy Month and July is Ice Cream Month – our mid-Atlantic Dairy Promotion Board built a huge ice cream sundae with all the toppings. This promotion was the highlight of several events at the Children’s Discovery Museum outside Philadelphia.

I love ice cream especially with local fresh fruit or hot fudge. I picked up a large container recently and found out that the taste was not my normal ice cream. I noted the label stated that the product was “frozen dessert.”

There happened to be a news article about ice cream in our regional dairy newspaper about the standards for labeling ice cream. They are somewhat complicated. The butterfat component must be 10%, but this is where it gets confusing. If more milk solids, whey or non fat milk are added to the base mix, this can bring the product to within standards.

There does not appear to be any published standards for frozen dessert or light ice cream. So be sure to read the label if you want “real” ice cream!


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