Healthy cows


Our cows are content in their open-air barn with plenty of food to sustain their bodies.

Our “Holstein Ladies” need a lot of attention to keep them healthy. The monthly reproductive healthcare is in the hands of two vets especially trained in this area. Their on-farm visits are vital for good reproductive and lactating health for our cows.

For any major sickness or injuries our local large animal vet comes to the farm for treatments. Most routine care and breeding is done by our guys.

Constant monitoring for cooling and air circulation is especially important in extremely hot weather – anything over 70° plus humidity can cause heat stress to our milking cows.

We have a mobile hoof trimmer who brings a chute and tilt table to the farm to trim each cow. Hoof care is important for healthy cows.

Important: proper fences and gates help keep animals from getting loose and out on the road. It is no fun to chase a herd of cows at 3 a.m. when it is dark outside and hard to see the animals!

Healthy, happy cows can produce more milk!


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