New Jersey’s history has many firsts

In 1642 the first brewery of American opened in Hoboken in northern New Jersey. They tapped into the fledgling grain market as these brews were made from local grains.

Today micro-breweries are a vital part of NJ’s economy as the large breweries have all moved out of state.

After the brew is made there are wet grains left. They are a good source of energy as they generally test at 25% protein.

We, as dairy farmers, have a contract to haul out these wet brewer’s grains from two small local breweries. The grains are hauled by tractor trailer and dumped here at the farm to be mixed into our feed ration for our dairy herd.

Our “TMR” – total mixed ration – consists of our homegrown and chopped corn silage, snapledge (the ear of corn is snapped off of stalk and ground up for feed), ground shelled corn, chopped hay, brewers grains and our nutritionist’s mix of soybean meal and minerals.

Dairy products are good for you!


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