What we do!

We background feeder calves on our farms here in Central Kentucky. What does ‘background” mean you might ask?

We don’t have “momma cows and calves” on our farms. We buy 400-600 lb calves at several livestock markets here in KY and also in Tennessee and Virginia. We have buyers who help cover the markets for us. We keep the calves on grazing pastures until they reach 750-800 lbs and then theyare sold to feedlots to finish to harvest weights.

We buy steer and heifer calves, steers calves are bull/boy calves that have been casterated or neutered(like a dog or cat) and heifer calves are girl calves that have never had a calf.

After the boys (my husband, son and son-in-law) get the sale bills, the calves are taken to the veterinarian clinic for vacinations and dehorned(for safety of the other calves and our selves), they are moved to various farms according to size and gender. They are turned out on pasture on farms that we own and rent. We keep the calves for an average of 3 months and we will background 5,000-6,000 in a year’s time. We are albe to do this as we have the 3 families that work together. MY husband and I, our son and his family and our daughter and her family. We love having both of our children involved in farming with us!


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