Tomatoes – a deep history

New Jersey has a deep history! We are home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where so many of our immigrants landed. Many traveled to the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas and stayed. They became the backbone of the work force for agricultural industries.

Early-on, the large tomato industry in the South Jersey area supplied many canneries that are now gone. Our family grew “can house” tomatoes from 1957 for Del Monte Co. for ketchup. In 1962 we transferred to Campbell Soup Co. in Camden, New Jersey next to the Delaware River – where tomatoes went into tomato juice and V-8 juice!

The processing for Campbell Soup Co. has moved, but the headquarters and museum are still in New Jersey. (Look at the label on your juice or soup can.)

In our area several of those families’ descendents are now large land owners and are some of our best vegetable farmers.

The “can house” variety of tomatoes still make up the largest part of the NJ vegetable processing industry!


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