It’s True, Fall is Really Here!

blue slope

Here in Connecticut, Fall has arrived.  The leaves are turning their brilliant hues, the mornings are crisp and there is a comfortable routine that begins with a big, yellow school bus each morning.  This grandmother loves, loves, loves summer with all of the grandchildren, but fall is a very close second.  It’s a very busy month on our bison farm.  We do lots of agritourism, and October is one of our busiest months.  We are involved in our local tourism district’s  activities which includes “Walktober”.  Look us up on Google!  Find the Last Green Valley.  You will find nighttime satellite images with a dark spot from central Massachusetts to the Connecticut shoreline — no city lights — “The Last Green Valley”.  There are over 100 free walks offered in the area during the month of October.  We have 2 days devoted to them.  We offer a walk to see the bison and then sample bison soup.  Later in the month we offer wagon rides to see the bison and some new baby calves in the fields.  After the ride, we visit the pumpkin patch, where everyone chooses a pumpkin to decorate back at the retail area and try samples of bison goodies.  This weekend we are taking our “show” on the road.  We are going to a farm museum where we will be selling bison cheese steaks and soup in the food tent.  The soup is simmering in the kitchen now, so it looks, feels and smells like fall.  Such a special time in New England.



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