lapsley walktoberappleswalktoberekonk hill walktober

Walktober, a huge event in Eastern Connecticut and Central Massachusetts, is in full swing. Our bison farm had nearly 200 visitors hike to see the bison, and their handling facilities this weekend. What a fantastic opportunity to share our open spaces and visit with people from all around New England and the rest of the United States. We have the chance to answer lots and lots of questions, show people where their food comes from and meet many new friends.

Our farm is, of course, not the only farm participating in this October Adventure. Dairy farmers are inviting people to visit them in the milking parlor, walk through the fields and sample free ice cream. The local turkey farm shows off their 3000 pasture raised turkeys, their homemade ice cream and has a corn maze to show off too.  The nearby orchard not only lets you pick your own apples, but you can also take a ride through the orchard in a horse-drawn wagon.   If you want to pick pumpkins, there is a farm for that also, and another corn maze.   Just to make sure you do not ever go away hungry, all of the farms have free samples of their CT Grown products.

It still smells like fall in this kitchen. We took time to visit the orchard. Apple pies and homemade applesauce are now being finished up and packaged for the freezer. They will be especially appreciated when my least favorite season, winter, arrives.

graywall walktober


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