Pumpkin Time

The frost is on the pumpkin!  It’s also on the windshields, the grass and all of my flowers!  Ghosts and goblins abound and it would not be the spooky season without Halloween pumpkins.  Some pumpkins are raised for pies, and other treats.  Ours are raised for spooky fun.  Children come in all ages at this time of year, as witnessed by the glee displayed from adults working on our local haunted rides at the local fairgrounds.  I think they had at least as much fun – if not more – creating the fright fest, as the children they were trying to scare!  Naturally, they had pumpkins featured throughout the whole event.

carved pumpkinsSome farms had pumpkin carving contests and displays.  It is certainly amazing just how elaborate the carving can get on a simple orange orb!  On our farm, after a visit to the bison field, we stop at our pumpkin patch to select the perfect pumpkin and then return to the store where we give everyone a chance to turn it into the perfect Halloween Beauty!!  Since we are working with young children, no knives are involved — we use paint, glue, markers and stickers.  It’s often a contest to decide who is more decorated – the child or the pumpkin!!



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