Baby It’s Cold Outside!

January 6, 2014

Good evening from chilly Southwest Kansas.  We certainly aren’t the coldest spot in the nation tonight with the thermometer sitting at a balmy 12 degrees after a low of -11 this morning.  Factor in the windchill and it’s plenty cool even for a winter lover like me.  I’m one of the few who will have a smile on my face on the rare occaision we get snow and cold that sticks around for awhile.

Blanket of snow brushed away from a tender, young wheat plant.

Blanket of snow brushed away from a tender, young wheat plant.

We did recieve a couple of inches of snow on Saturday night which is a real blessing since the temperature has been in the deep freeze yesterday and today.  Our winter wheat, which is planted in the fall, grows some during the warm fall days and then goes dormant in the cold winter really needed some insulation from the bitter cold and, believe it or not, a blanket of snow does a great job of protecting the tender, young wheat plant.  An added bonus is that when that snow melts, we also get some much needed moisture to help the thirstly little plants grow when it warms up again.

I checked the evening temperatures and it looks like we will do a steady warm up to around 16 degrees  through the rest of the night and early morning.  Tomorrow we will have a real heat wave with a high around 50 degrees…we will probably pull out the short sleeves for this warm up!  Southwest Kansas winter weather tends to be just like that, freezing cold one day and nice and toasty the next day.

My farmer checking the wheat seed in the drill on a balmy fall day during planting season.

My farmer checking the wheat seed in the drill on a balmy fall day during planting season.

If it sounds like I am a little obsessed with the weather, that would be correct.  Stop into any feed store, coffee shop, grain elevator or any other place that farmers and ranchers gather and you will most likely hear some of the conversation revolve around the weather.  Much of what we do to produce the food on your table depends on Mother Nature to bless us with moisture and good temperatures.  While there isn’t anything we can do to control the weather, we sure do like to talk about what we want it to do, think that it might do or, what weather forcasters are predicting it will do.

Are you interested in the weather?  When you stroll the aisles of the grocery store you might think about how the weather might cause the price of your favorite cereal to go up due to a failed grain crop which will cause the price of the grain to go up…it’s all about supply and demand and Mother Nature pulls on those strings every day on our farms and ranches and at your table.

Wishing you enough warmth to stay comfortable, enough winter weather to let you look forward to the changing of the seasons and enough family and friends so that you may enjoy all of your seasons surrounded by those you love!


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