“Foot Prints In the Snow”

The winter gardens and fields lie dormant under the blankets of snow, but there is still plenty to see and enjoy!

Every twig, stem, and object is glistening with the sparkle of sun shining through the snowflakes.

Each plant and bush is asleep-renewing itself for seasons ahead.

Dormancy is a vital part of the rhythm of life in the North. Spring flowering bulbs and plants have been in a sleep cycle since summer, while they replenish their nutrient system. As each day lengthens its day light, these plants start to come to life. It is a miracle of plant life as the early snow drops and grain fields push up green stems even through some snow.

With these first signs of garden life, I know the warmth of spring is just around the numbers on my calendar.

So pull on your boots and gloves, wrap a scarf around your neck and take a walk in the white stuff! Its a beautiful winter wonderland. Breathe in the cold, crystal clear air of the snow garden. It is magnificent

I watch the sunrise over the snowy meadow and know God has given us another day to thank him for this life we live and work for him on our New Jersey Dairy Farm.


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