Just a Few Thoughts

We had the most beautiful day here at Harry’s Cherries Orchard. The sun was out, the wind had subsided, the winter birds were chirping, the river calm like glass and the smell of cut wood and dried leaves all bring us so close to nature right here at home.

The latest snow had melted and the ground was firm. For an orchardist, that means its time to get back out and get some work done. Our work today is called brushing…. I have no idea why. Personally to be more descriptive I would call it logging! After the orchard has had the major cuts and find pruning completed, the tree limbs and branches are left on the ground to be picked up. On a good day, Harry and I pick up brush for anywhere from 4-6 hours. It is back breaking work and for the most part, we wear our back braces to avoid too much strain.A day in the orchard 2-21-14 003

Our day today was interrupted a number of times by other must dos, so we were only able to pick up 1 ½ long rows, which really is quite a bit for two people, (one who is 4’10). We also had the fire going so we could burn our previous brush along with todays. A day in the orchard 2-21-14 023

As the day winds down and I walk out through the orchard and along the river, I am able to see all that we have accomplished. It feels good. I can’t help but be so grateful and to thank God out loud for this life I live as a cherry farmer and steward of His land.
A day in the orchard 2-21-14 004


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