” Storming Washington” on behalf of Farmers and Ranchers!

Just thought I would share a few thoughts about March Madness from a farm girl’s perspective! As some of you know my husband and I farm in Buckeye, Arizona where it is warm and dry most of the year. I have had the opportunity to travel to DC twice in the month of March—both times experiencing snow in our Capitol City! Even though I have had to dig out my winter clothes for both trips, it has been more than worth it to promote one of the passions of my life–agriculture. Meeting with about 50 like minded agriculturalists( voluteer leaders) at the American Farm Bureau office for training and education was inspiring. Taking some of that knowledge and lobbying on behalf of farmers and ranchers is always exhilarating! It has been said that we should organize and not agonize when we have challenges facing our industry. That is precisely why Farm Bureau exists and we had a great time organizing ourselves and attempting to make a postive difference in the ag world!
After that week and 5 inches of snow I headed home for a few weeks only to travel back to DC for the National AG Day Celebration on March 27th. Instead of cherry blossoms I was greeted with another 3 inches of snow–thus the title of this blog–Storming Washington! Inspite of inclement weather it turned out to be a great several days of celebrating the most productive people in the world–America’s Farmers and Ranchers. The celebration included seeing The Great American Wheat Harvest( amazing video showcasing the incredible committment of the traveling harvestors); the premiere showing of FARMLAND which celebrates what farmers and ranchers do 365 days year; meetings on the Hill with legislators; dinner at the USDA with the Deputy Director of Agriculture; and the unvieling of the statue honoring Norman Borlaug–the Father of the Green Revolution, who is credited with saving 1 billion lives due to the biotechnogy he developed in relation to wheat plants.
The theme for this year’s AG Day was ” 365 Sunrises to feed 7 Billion People”. That is what Americas Farmers and Ranchers are tasked with each year. March ended up being a month that I was privileged to celebrate that on a number of levels. By the way —some people were blaming me for the snow! I am going back to DC in July—if it snows then I guess I will be in Big trouble, but I think this desert farmer is safe for now! Happy Monday to you all and remember Agriculture has touched your life in some way today.


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