Spring Has Sprung on the Farm!

92 degrees and desert flowers blooming everywhere in Buckeye! In addition the fields are mostly planted and looking good! My husband, Rick, and I have barley, alfalfa, and a field of white wheat growing on our farm 30 miles west of Phoenix.  We are fortunate to have some large dairies (4000 cows) within one mile of our row crop farm. Those hungry cows have proved to be a great market for our alfalfa and barley! Because we have 315 days of sunshine a year we get about 10 cuttings of alfalfa annually. Alfalfa has been our life saver when other crops aren’t as profitable! 

Rick is getting another field ready to plant cotton! Cotton likes warm days and cool nights–exactly our weather in the desert. Cotton is one of the most beautiful crops in the field, but it is much more challenging to grow than the other crops we produce. We definitely believe in diversification on our farm! As Rick has reminded me many times– we don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket! Technology has changed the way we farm on many levels but the basic plan to rotate and diversify has been a constant on our farm. It’s worked for the last 40 years! The white wheat we are growing is a new venture for us. We usually grow Durham wheat for pasta, but the wheat we are growing now is for bread!  It’s looking good so far but you never know till harvest!

Farming always has an element of risk. We think it is worth it all. As Easter approaches this Sunday we are reminded of new life. With our faith, family, and friends we will continue  to do what we feel God has called us to be—- an American farmer. A high calling indeed! Happy Easter to all!



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