Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm!

Last week was the officially designated Earth Day. I love that we in agriculture celebrate Earth Day every day because of the fact that we are diligent to care for our land 365 days a year —every year. We don’t take a break from farming with the best practices available to be truly “sustainable”. Earth Day does present great opportunities to connect with the consumer to share with them what we do and why we do what we do!
In my world at the school I had great fun bringing in two young dairy farmers to share with about 300 of my students their industry and how amazing a modern dairy is. These two happen to be my neighbors and are both well-spoken and engaging young presentors. They had their own power point with amazing pictures, as well as some of the equipment they use to milk and also feed the cows. I can guarantee you that after the time with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade those students has a greater understanding where their dairy products came from, but also, the incredible business,economic, and science expertise it takes to manage a 4,000 cow diary operation. The students asked great questions and were exposed to the dairy industry in a personal manner that many would never have had the opportunity to have. This event was part of the Providers Pals program.
Tomorrow we are partnering with the FFA to share with 12 Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes the book, Who Grew My Soup. We are also doing some cute activies with the little ones. Can’t start too early educating about agriculture!!
While I am at my day job, my husband is driving tractor and irrigating barley, wheat, and alfalfa. He is still getting cotton ground ready to plant. Beautiful day to farm here in AZ., but we are praying for our friends in the Southeast who are fighting the tornadoes and inclement weather.


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