The Life of A Remodeled Hay Wagon

hay wagon 1

The summer is over, according to the school calendars, but fair season is still in full swing.  On our bison farm, that means tour season is also still in “full swing.”  All this means the wagons, that were originally designed to haul hay from the fields during harvest, are being used for quite different jobs on our farm.

We do haul our share of hay, but not with the remodeled wagons.  Those wagons are used for taking people to the field to see the bison where they roam, a holding area for calves and children as everyone gets their animals ready for showing at another fair, and a meeting area for dignitaries at our local fairs.  Thousands of people, over the years, have taken a ride in our covered wagons to see the bison, take photos, pick pumpkins and even for extra seating at a wedding held in a pasture.

Grandchildren tie their calves next to the wagon so they can wash them, and clip them. The wagon also makes a great staging area for the ensuing water fights, once the animals are sparkling clean.

When the wagon is parked at the fair it houses tables and chairs so visitors have a comfortable, shady place to enjoy bison burgers.  It is also the spot to sit and visit with our Governor, State Senate President, a Congressman or one of our Senators.  We even had one Governor bring her staff here for all of the June birthday parties in the office – not a bad gig for a hay wagon.

Ahh, the life of a hay wagon!

Don Williams, Joe Courtney and the girlsguy grube photo


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