My Passion – Fast Food Farm

WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?   My passion is teaching our youth as well as adults at times about the importance of agriculture.  This time of the year ends my nine months of fulfilling my passion.  My year starts with the beginning of the spring season and ends with the end of the fall season in teaching about “Where Does Your Food Come From?”                                                        

Fast Food Farm sign

At the Fast Food Farm the youth become physically involved in the growing process of their food.

Through hands-on activities they learn how the weather affects the plants, and what happens to the food when it leaves the farm.   They also learn about food nutrition, food preparation, and food processing.

#3 .Harvesting for the Needy - Geans 2

In working with the Ag Science students throughout the school year I have seen them grow in leadership and character to become leaders in our community.   At the Fast Food Farm students learn how to respect the land as they discover how to cultivate and prepare the soil for planting.  

 Throughout the nine months over 5000 students are learning about “Where Does Your Food Come From?”  It is so rewarding to see our youth connect to the soil, plants, animals, and the source of their foods.


Harvesting for the Needy

Ag Science students harvesting green beans

Ag Science students harvesting green beans

This week at the Fast Food Farm we are Harvesting for the Needy.  As part of the Fast Food Farm project the Ag Science classes and the Pro-Start classes plant seeds in late summer and early fall on 15 rows.  Once a week the Ag Science students care for the plants until it is time for harvest.  What perfect timing for harvest, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.   This week we harvested 90 family bags of broccoli, green beans, turnips, peas, corn, and lettuce and donated to the St. Vincent de Paul for the Thanksgiving baskets for the Needy.

Ag Science students and Pro-Start students donating vegetables to the needy.

The “Fast Food Farm”

Planting seeds and seeds of knowledge.

Planting seeds and seeds of knowledge.

It was 12 years ago that I was so inspired by Farm Bureau Federation to begin an educational farm, the “Fast Food Farm.”  The farm provides a stimulating, healthy and beautiful setting where children become connected to the soil, plants, animals, and the source of their foods.  It is at the farm we began teaching with a “Hands-on, Nose-on, Both Feet-in approach to learning about “Where Does Your Food Come From?”   The non-profit organization was founded in 2001 and began its journey of bringing about the awareness of agriculture by engaging the students in planting the seeds and through a variety of projects and hands-on activities.  The food plots were created in the shape of a hamburger, hot dog, french fries, taco, and a chicken, and in each plot planted or raised what it takes to make up the fast food item.  Important lessons about nature and the basic needs of life, all relating to agriculture and the environment, are taught to children and adults of all ages.