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                    BILLIOT  PULLET  FARM


Our farm has 2 poultry houses 600’ x 40’

This poultry operation produces young hens for the breeder hen operation. 

Our farm received baby female chickens.


These chickens are raised for approximately 20 to 22 weeks, until then they are picked up and taken to a breeder hen farm.



Pay on our pullet farm is usually done on a square foot basis.  Our “out-time” was typically 10 to 14 days for cleanout and/or maintenance.

 Arkansas is a leading producer of poultry.  The state ranks second in broiler production, third in turkey production and tenth in egg production.




                                         “HAY PRODUCTION”


Many farmers like ourselves produce hay from May thru October depending on the weather.  When haying you can produce square bales or round bales.




Stored forages such as hay and silage are very important. Weather extremes such as snow, ice, and drought can halt grazing during certain times of the year. Arkansas producers grow some of the best quality hay in the south. Producing high-yielding and top-quality hay requires attention to harvest management, soil fertility, pest management, and good storage methods.







“Know your farmer, know your food”


On our farm we raise beef.  We use no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.  We rotate our cattle to graze on approximately 100 acres of pastures.  Hard work just doesn’t seem so bad when you believe in what your doing and especially enjoy doing it.


In Arkansas 97 percent of the beef cattle farms are family owned and operated.  The average size is 38 head with 80 percent of the farms having less than 50 head.




As a young child, my father was a rice farmer in Crowley, Louisiana; “The Rice Capital of  America”.  Now as an adult I live in Arkansas, rice producing state.


Arkansas is the nation’s largest rice growing state, producing half of the nation’s rice and nearly nine billion pounds annually.  Arkansas ranks first among rice producing states. 




Rice production is concentrated in the eastern half of the state.  The top five rice producing counties are Arkansas, Poinsett, Cross, Lawrence and Lonoke.  Arkansas rice is sodium, cholesterol and gluten free.  Rice has only a trace of fat and has not trans  fat or saturated fat.